Sunday, August 04, 2013

Welcome Home...

Welcome Home by @masonjarjar

His instructions arrived via a text message a few minutes ago.  She felt that familiar warmth course through her body as she read it.  This was one of her favorite tasks, for she knew that it would not be long before she had her Master’s thick cock jammed down her throat.  Just the thought of it was starting to make her drip. She stripped what little clothes she was wearing, her robe and panties, and took her kneeling position in the middle of the living room floor.  She then took the blindfold, placed it around her forehead covering her eyes and finally latched his favorite cuffs to her wrists behind her back (she had gotten quiet adept at handling this maneuver herself).  Then, she waited.  She knew about when He would arrive, but she liked to begin her kneeling stance as soon as she received the directive, so that her legs and arms would be tingly by the time He arrived home.  In the middle of the room, kneeling, she awaited his arrival.  Thoughts of the first time Sir gave her this task were racing through her mind like lightning.  She could almost taste what was to come…

Soon she heard the car's engine as He pulled into the drive way.  The roar of the Mustang Cobra’s V8 as He gunned it before shutting it off was almost enough to make her gush on its own.  The revving of the engine, the heavy thud of the car door closing, then the loud footsteps of Italian shoes on the sidewalk leading up to the house served to announce to his babygirl that He’d arrived at his castle.  He had his own way of doing things and everything about Him turned her on.  She then heard the jingle of the keys as He slipped the house key into the lock, the turn of the doorknob and finally, the swoosh of the front door as it swung open.  Her clit was already tingling before the door was even open, now it was on fire. 

“Hello kitten... have you been a good girl today?”

“Yes Sir... I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Excellent.  I’m so pleased that you are there in my favorite place, just as I instructed”

He approached her and placed a thumb in her mouth and she sucked it gently.  She so longed for the taste of his skin, any part, she wanted to take his thumb deep into her mouth.  He then pulled his thumb out of her wet, hot mouth slowly, lightly tapped her cheek a few times and walked deliberately towards the bedroom.  She knew He was going to remove his suit and would return soon, completely naked.  That was Sir’s style.  He didn’t like anything getting in the way when He was with his babygirl (except for his ropes and leather straps, of course). 

After several minutes she heard the bedroom door open and his familiar gait across the living room floor.  This was the part she had been longing for.  Within seconds she felt his presence in front of her, his scent, intoxicating.   His soft cock now right in front of her face, she knew exactly what He was going to do with it.

“Open your mouth, my precious” He commanded.

She opened her mouth wide as He fed his thick cock to her, and began working it with her lips and tongue.  The feeling of his cock stiffening right there in her mouth was making her pussy leak like mad, she could feel her juice start to drip between her kneeling legs. 

“Good girl, you know how to make me hard don’t you” He said softly.  She nodded, as her mouth was too full of his increasingly hard cock to be able to answer.  “That’s my kitten.”  She could hear deep moans start to emanate from his chest.  His cock was now almost fully hard and she was slowly going up and down the shaft with her mouth. 

He reached down and took two handfuls of her golden locks into his hands and squeezed, making sure she knew He was in control.  She loved being face fucked while Sir had her hair wrapped in his fists, and the way He did it was so perfect that she could cum just thinking about it.  Now He was taking her, surrounding her from every angle.  This is what she longed for, to get completely lost in Him, his taste, scent, and sounds.  The tip of his rock hard cock was starting to poke the back of her throat with each thrust.  She then opened herself for him, tilting her head back like she knew He liked, so He could more easily begin to fuck her gaping mouth.  The feeling of his cock starting to slip down her throat was like a drug to her.  The saliva that seemed to magically appear in gobs in her mouth coated his veiny thickness.  Deeper and deeper He went down her throat, his wet balls bumping against her chin.  Her moans increased in volume with the rhythm of his thrusting. 

“You’re such a good little cock sucker, I’m so pleased with how you take care of me”

His words alone could make her wet at any time of day.  She was diligent about her training and was proud to be a good sub to her Sir.  Now she was proving herself again. 

“I’m going to cum soon baby girl, and you’re not to swallow.  Not one drop.  Do you understand?”   She nodded. “Very good” he praised.

With his thrusting ever deeper and more forceful, she felt like she could cum at any minute, but she had not been given permission.  It was not even discussed.  Her task at hand was to bring her Master’s raging hard-on to a massive climax with her mouth, which she had become quite adept at.  She knew just how to apply the correct pressure and suction.  Every cock is different and she knew her Master’s like the back of her hand.

She knew from how He was grasping her hair that it was time.  He stopped thrusting and placed the tip of his cock right on her tongue.  She opened her mouth slightly, her tongue slightly extended.  He gripped his cock in his fist and blasted his huge load right into her mouth, coating her tongue and filling her cheeks.  His growls as he spurted his cumshots made clit throb and ache.  She felt so lucky to be given such a precious gift.  Soon it was apparent that He was finished and she remained there, kneeling before him, arms bound behind her, blindfolded, with a mouth full of his delicious hot juice. 

“Rise little one” He commanded. 

She had become fairly good at standing up from the kneeling position on her own by rocking back on her ass, then spreading her legs and pushing herself up.  Her legs though were quite numb by this point so He helped her up, his strong hands on her sides.  Now, she was in front of Him, face to face.  He removed her blindfold and was looking into her eyes.  She had missed Him something fierce today, so it was good to see his eyes, all blue and sparkling. 

“Open your mouth and let me see what you’ve got in there my kitten.” 

She complied. 

“Swallow my gift, you know it’s all for you” He said.  He watched as she greedily gulped down the cum load in her mouth and felt that familiar slither down her throat.

“Show me” He said, and she opened her mouth to reveal it was now completely devoid of any traces of his work.  “Good Girl” He then took her face into his large, strong hands and kissed her deeply, his tongue exploring hers, tasting the flavor of what had been there only a few moments before. With a singular motion He picked her up, cradled in his arms, and carried her off towards the bedroom.

“Now I’m going to feast on you just as you’ve been feasting on me.  You deserve to cum several times for sucking me so well.  I’m going to take care of you like only I can my love.  It’s your turn now…”

He placed her gently on the bed and positioned himself between her beautiful, soft legs.  She was so dizzy from just being so filled with Him and his cum that she nearly passed out as she felt his lips against her inner thighs and his hot breath against her wet, throbbing pussy…

Monday, May 20, 2013

Life in 140 Characters (or less)

To learn every part of your body,
with all five senses..
To explore the depths of your mind,
until I feel we are as one..

A tether invisible keeps us connected,
Through time, space and distance,
Your heart is protected.

the small of your back
where my guiding hand resides
your place ~ by my side

feel anticipation,
feel presence,
feel confidence,
feel desire,
feel passion..

feel safe,
feel free,
feel loved..

Lay your burdens at my feet..

And your body right up next to me..

door slamming
lamp breaking
couch flipping
art falling
skin scraping
throat clenching
hair pulling
belt cracking
knee bruising


Anticipation grows for what the heart already knows..
Distance is but an illusion when two souls are in fusion..

So many tastes and flavors in this world.
But the only one I really want is yours..

The intimacy that is created and shared
when minds are truly opened to each other,
is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for..

Your sweet kisses could quiet this loud mind,

Your soft touch would settle this restless soul..

I know I have some rough spots.
I'll try to smooth the parts I can.
But sometimes having some texture
can be a good thing..

You're as pretty as a painting in an antique frame..

And I'll own you and nail you to the wall, just the same..

When you're in a position where you can give 100% of yourself,
it's not easy to be satisfied with just a fraction of someone else..

I'm tired of being alone.
I know you may be far away.
But the way you make me feel is real.
And I hate being without that.
Without you.

Lost among your stars,
I reach out for an atom of hope,
Eyes closed, arms open,
I welcome your gravity,
As it lures me into orbit..

We may look inside ourselves and never find the parts we're lacking,
It might take an outside eye to see there's really nothing missing.

My task is you, simple as that..
What you need of me..
Is what I'll strive to be..

You might decide to open up and let me into your mind..
But soon you'll come to realize that I'm already there..

The closer you are to me,
the more difficult I become..
It's exponential.
In case you were wondering
why I keep people at arm's length..

I hate it when stuff is not music..

Holding you makes me want to touch you..
Because I can never feel close enough..

I slept weird last night..

You weren't there.

I could swim in your words all night long..

Come little one and join me in the deep end.

Every time we build a new wall around it us,
we add another layer of bricks,
making it that much harder to penetrate..

When I focus on the details,
Your beauty is obvious to me,
But when I view the bigger picture I think,
How much more amazing could you be?

I understand totally why some construct walls here, but it's great when
you finally scale the wall and get to see who's on the other side..

Chasing your ghosts away, gathering nightmares like firewood,

stacking them neatly out of sight,

So my rose may sleep quiet again tonight.

I think my filter is broke..

I'm sorry for all the dust, pollutants and emotions spilling out..

I kept so much of me to myself that she never had a chance to really know me..

I never thought that was as bad as lying, but it was worse..

Most of the time I feel like life is living me..

I build walls with my words,
but they are for you to read
and get to know me,
not to keep anyone out..
I'm happy to open the gates.

I wouldn't mind being alone with your thoughts..

Making you squirm is my prerogative.
Any place.
Any time.
Because mine.

My goal for you is to feel more bound to me
by emotions I place in your heart,
than anything I could ever
place on your wrists or ankles.

Put twinkles in her eyes by day,

And sparks behind them by night..

Let the snow drift and the winds blow,

Settle into my arms, let me blanket your soul..

It's amazing and frightening
the deep and dark corners of human souls
we have immediate access to in this place,
when we go digging around.

No matter who is there or where we are,
This I know for sure,
The lady on my arm that's here with me,
is going home with me to rock my world

When you're in tears because it feels like you're dying,
I'll make you smile to forget why you're crying..

What greater gift to imagine,

Than saying "you're mine"

to the one who says it back..

My heart has this space
It's a room with a beautiful view..
On the door, both our names
Inside, a bed made for two..

I won't stop until you feel things that you've never felt before..

Then you'll know it was me that made it happen..

My angel is an angel where ever we go,
I'ts just that sometimes there's a little
more dirt on those wings and halo..

How tight the first embrace?

How deep the kiss?

Though we've imagined it a thousand times, there is no magic like that first contact..

I enjoy letting people walk into my mind..
The trouble starts when you let me wander into yours..

if you have it.. hold on to it.
It's so precious..
and nearly impossible to regain..

Feel your way through the darkness that is me..

I don't need you to fill my cup,
Or place my slippers just so,
I just want you to fill my heart
And help heal my tattered soul.

I like knowing you're out there..
And not going anywhere but straight to me,
For I am captured, straight to you..

In my imagination..

We fit together so well..

I will tell you my life story,
So that you may laugh right along with me..

I'll always leave one shirt behind for you..

You can tell by its scent it was next to my skin..

Wear it and think of me while I'm gone.

Sorry if I got under your skin,

But I just love it when you're on top..

Don't ever be ashamed of those freckles..


soft voice across space
a gentle hand and warm touch
close your eyes and dream

inhaling the breath of an angel ~
feeling the weight of the world melting ~
and floating away on wings of desire..

a boy may fuck your body,
but a man will fuck your mind..

Dust off those wings, this ground is no place for us,

Throw off the shackles, it's time we soar with the eagles..

Friday, April 05, 2013

March 21, 2013

Aching to be touched, explored, to submit yourself to his full control,
your complete trust in him frees you in ways you never imagined..

His fingertips trace your speckled porcelain curves, up one leg then down the other,
shivering, you resist the urge to pull away. Good girl.

No words escape, your muffled moans barely breech the barrier he placed there,
heat welling up inside multiplies with each passing second..

Writhing, squirming inside, you use every ounce of will to hide your pleasure,
because you know babygirl does as she is commanded..

Monday, February 04, 2013

Random - 2/3/13

this feature film is about to begin ~ the uncensored story of an unchained mind ~ the popcorn in the lobby is cheap ~ there are no bad seats

lift your face skyward ~ among all the stars and planets ~ against all odds we are here ~ alive ~ how can we even waste a minute?

soft voice across space ~ a gentle hand and warm touch ~ close your eyes and dream 

sweat beads, providing ~ needed relief as we crash ~ utterly destroyed

no rope to tie me ~ no papers to sign ~ turn off this lava flow in my mind

raging eyes smile ~ blackened room screams

the distance between right and wrong ~ I've been lost in this chasm for far too long

shivering naked ~ watching bloodcicles drip drip ~ painting the freshly broken soil ~ under which is buried the remnants of shattered dreams

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hidden (March, 1989)

i hide my feelings

 they're not worth knowing

i hide my love

 not worth showing

under a rock, a bushel, a basket

 a stone, some earth, a casket

Monday, December 03, 2012

Nine Haiku

Show me the meaning
of thunder and of earthquake
rock me to the core

Awash with your touch
so real in my mind, easy
free, restraint vanished

Hand me the keychain
do not remain locked away
you deserve my touch

Your shape in my hands
feels so natural to me
what splendor this form

My hand on your face
eyes content, steady their gaze
lips touch, this is bliss

I grasp your beauty
hold on for all I can take
carry it with me

Souls walk hand in hand
guided by hearts, minds afire
not caring the why

Sleep not yet my sweet
thoughts linger and heart yet beats
this feels so complete

Your sweet silhouette
lingers in my memory
those curves like heaven


Friday, October 19, 2012


Hot August day.. packed Minivans..

Lugging boxes and bags up stairs because
the elevator is so tiny..

Parents.. siblings mull around like
confused, sweating cattle..

Bright-eyed freshmen lead the way like
they are ready to take on the world.

From the room next door.. I hear a
familiar sound.. the Minutemen
blaring loudly.. "Search" then "Games"
(in hindsight, foretelling..)

A kid with long hair draped to one side,
Head shaved above the ears..
Dr. Martens..
Painting his walls to cover the dull white..

I stick my head in and say "great music! Love SST"
He smiles and said, "I'm Rich.. welcome"

That scene.. frozen in my mind..

Sometimes I wish more than anything I could
go back to that exact moment in time and
start it all. over. again...